Projects from 1990 till today.  

The responsible authorities gave their permission for the project »Vogelsang«, the photographic work starts february 2004. You'll find more information about the history, the real estate and the progress of the work at this place then.

Even before it began its work on April 1st 1956, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s intelligence service, was inseparably linked to the site in Pullach near Munich. For decades, this Bavarian town has been synonymous with an important and controversial chapter of German post-war history which, even today, is marked by “opinions, clichés and prejudices”, according to the present chairman of the BND, Dr. August Hanning. The decision reached by the security cabinet chaired by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on April 10th 2003, namely to relocate the headquarters of the intelligence service to Berlin, signifies a radical turning point in the way the intelligence agency sees itself. During the course of this relocation, Andreas Magdanz was offered the historic opportunity to take a closer look at this history-steeped area in Pullach, which will probably be abandoned in 2011 following the move, within the context of an artistic photographic project and without any limitations of access. [..]

Hommage á Marceline Loridan-Ivens
In April 2002 I was approached by the French director Jerome Missolz and asked if I would be interested in taking photographs of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as part of a film production. The project was part of Marceline Loridan-Ivens’ autobiographical feature film entitled »Birkenau und Rosenfeld« [...] The work is documented in form of a book which can be ordered in the online shop.

The name »Dienststelle Marienthal« was the designation for the secret bunker of the german government. Accompanying to the book the website was launched.

Photographs of the former mine, compiled in one newspaper with more than 50 pages of landscape, people and animals.

»No industry writeup, rather a documentation with a professional eye for detail. Whether modern control panel or parts from a decommissioned machinepark, Andreas Magdanz leaves every object its estethic qualities. And yet no routine work just aiming to please.« [...]
This topic is under contruction at the moment.

Three years of reconstruction of the new Suermondt Ludwig Museum are reflected in the images and captions of the photo documentation by the museum's and the contractor's staff. Thus, the decision to appoint an artist to acquaint himself with the building and its times was easily taken. Andreas Magdanz trailed the creation of the museum since the completion of the unfinished building with persistence. This topic is under construction.

This topic is under construction at the moment and can be accessed in some days.

This topic is under construction at the moment and can be accessed in some days.
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